Latest developments, innovations, emerging thrust areas in research are taken into consideration at the time of curriculum development.

1. Outcome Based Education 2. System Value Based Education System 3. Choice Based Education System 4. Interdisciplinary and Flexible Approach 5. Learning Beyond Class Room.

Inter-disciplinary & Flexible Curriculum

In this system, while a student is perusing chosen department, he/she can do courses from the other departments also as per the interest. For example :

  • Engineering student can do few courses from Management Department
  • MBA student can do few courses from Law Department
    Benefits to students :
  • Students have choice of number of subjects per semester
  • Balanced curriculum with subjects in Engineering, Science, Management and Humanities
  • Have choice for Major & Minor programmes to earn Dual Degrees(Major & Minor)
  • Have opportunity for undergraduate research experience
  • Have multi-tasking profile hence enhances acceptance in jobs & research.
  • Student May Change the branch/stream at later stages.

Credit Based Learning System

In each Course, CPU has some pre-defined credits similar to IIT system. To get a degree, students are required to complete minimum pre-defined credits and It is globally accepted.

International Exposure

MOUs with various international academic Institutions to provide a richer educational experience to both our students and faculty.

Industry Interface

Students are given opportunity to visit various industry plants for real time exposure. Experts from industry are invited on regular basis to guide and share the industrial expectations. Industrial Training is an integral part of the curriculum for students for various essential learning to become employable.

Active Students Life

For holistic development of students, CPU offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for students to learn about themselves, other people, different cultures and the world around while making important contributions to our society i.e. learning beyond classroom.

Learning Beyond Classroom

At CPU all events are planned & executed by students for their professional growth

Guest Speaker Program, on

"Witting Winning Proposals for business and Research Plans"

Guest Speaker- Dr S K Sikka,
Director-cum Adviser Agri-System
Afghan Expo Center New Delhi
will deliver on "Witting Winning Proposals for business and Research Plans" on 12-02-2016 at 2:00 PM in the MP Hall of The University.