Our Mission

To provide quality, professional, effectiveness and recognized for the local, national and International communities for the purposes of student's educational development and excellence in career enrichment opportunities.

Career Point will establish strong relationships with employers, industries, employment services, the local and wider business sector and other relevant quality controlled organizations.

Our Vision

To be a reputable and creditable CAREER POINT Higher Education Institutions aims to produce quality Diploma Holders, Graduates, Post Graduates & Doctorates at the highest quality & competitive level in line with the International education philosophy.

Career Point develops students by providing an environment for personal growth, opportunity, knowledge, exposure, personal attention and career direction. This is in line with our nation’s inspiration, which is to build a generation of professionals catering to a knowledge based economy to meet global needs. Career Point has also continued its efforts to strengthen the curricula and at the same time, to explore research areas that will significantly contribute to the development of the nation and wider business quality controlled organisations.

Our Brand Essence

We can sum up what the CAREER POINT UNIVERSE stands for in three words :

  • International
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

These three founding principles still hold true as Career Point Group approaches 20th anniversary in education.

Brand Proposition

Career Point has developed its brand proposition around five keys themes

  • Research intensive and accessible
  • Uniquely international
  • Student-focused
  • Friendly and supportive
  • Healthy and sustainable
  • Delivering excellence

These words are not intended to act as slogans or to be reproduced word for word; they can be changed to demonstrate specific attributes and strong unique selling points so they are relevant, as long as they remain consistent with the brand proposition.

Brand Values

  • Academic excellence
  • Lifelong learning
  • Enhanced employability

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Guest Speaker Program, on

"Witting Winning Proposals for business and Research Plans"

Guest Speaker- Dr S K Sikka,
Director-cum Adviser Agri-System
Afghan Expo Center New Delhi
will deliver on "Witting Winning Proposals for business and Research Plans" on 12-02-2016 at 2:00 PM in the MP Hall of The University.