Vision of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

To develop systematic mechanism & to achieve quality benchmarks in the University for excellence in academic, research, innovation and administrative practices.


As per guidelines of UGC an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been constituted in the University in order to develop quality system for conscious, consistent and catalytic programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the University; to promote measures for institutional functioning towards enhancement through internationalization/ standardization of quality towards best practices; development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for the various academic and administrative activities; arrangement for feedback responses from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality related institutional processes.

The IQAC of the Career Point University, Hamirpur has been established in 2015 as a quality support measure. As quality augmentation is a continuing process, the IQAC is making the regular endeavors to set the new benchmarks to achieve the different academic as well as administrative goals. All the decisions of IQAC are taken only after taking care of each and every aspect related to the problem and deep discussion with the members from each school/department of University. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the University is continuously working and actively engaged in maintaining the quality standards within all the schools of University. It helps in planning and execution of different academics as well as administrative activities, audit of existing courses etc. It suggests different guidelines and corrective measures if required. The IQAC also frame different guidelines, rules and regulations regarding teaching practices and evaluation criteria. It also suggests different parameters regarding academic as well as administrative improvements. It works in coordination with the HODs of different schools/departments and different higher authorities of university. IQAC plan out different quality assurance strategies for all academic and non-academic activities and processes. All the IQAC activities are mentioned on the University Academic Calendar. IQAC meetings are conducted on regular interval and annual reports are presented before statutory bodies and different agendas are discussed.

Goals and Functions of IQAC

  1. To act as a nodal agency of the University for coordinating and implementing quality related issues and activities, including adoption and dissemination of quality practices.
  2. A quality system for conscious and consistent programmed actions to improve the academic, research, innovation, extension services and administrative performance of the University.
  3. To promote measures of University functioning towards standardization of quality in terms of creating a learner-centric environment conducive for quality education and faculty development to adopt knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process.
  4. Development and application of quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities.
  5. Organization of conferences, workshops, seminars in association with reputed institutions on scientific, social issues and quality related themes through University departments.
  6. To make arrangement for feedback responses from various stakeholders on quality related matters.
  7. Development and maintenance of University database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining/enhancing quality.
  8. Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the University based on the quality parameters/assessment criteria developed by the relevant quality assurance bodies, such as: NAAC, NIRF, HPPERC, NBA and other accreditation agencies in the prescribed format.
  9. Quality policy to be implemented through departments/ divisions, centers and cells.
  10. Internal audits will be carried out annually in each department/division.
  11. To ensure the effective implementation of quality initiatives taken from time to time by IQAC through periodic monitoring, reviews and audits. Corrective actions will be issued by IQAC to each department and division for timely implementation of policies.
Policy Document: Internal Quality Assurance Cell (2015) Link 1
Policy Document: Internal Quality Assurance Cell (2019) Link 2
Constitution of IQAC
Constitution Link 3
Constitution Link 4
Meetings of IQAC

Academic Year



Minutes of Meeting

Action Taken Report

2015-16 I 27.07.2015 Link Link 5,6
II 13.10.2015 Link Link 7,8
III 15.02.2016 Link Link 9,10
2016-17 IV 27.07.2016 Link Link 11,12
2017-18 V 16.09.2017 Link Link 13,14
VI 08.06.2018 Link Link 15,16
2018-19 VII 03.01.2019 Link Link 17,18
2019-20 VIII 11.07.2019 Link Link 19,20
IX 04.03.2020 Link Link 21,22
X 25.06.2020 Link Link 23,24
2020-2021 XI 05.08.2020 Link Link 25,26
Annual Quality Assurance Report
2020-21     Link   27
Annual Report of CPUH
2015-16     Link   28
2016-17     Link   29
2017-18     Link   30
2018-19     Link   31
2019-20     Link   32
Proforma for  Structured Feedback Received From Stakeholders
  Stakeholder   Proforma    
  Students   Link   33
  Teachers   Link   34
  Employers   Link   35
  Alumni   Link   36
  Parents   Link   37
Structured Feedback Analysis and Action Taken Report
Structured Feedback Analysis Report
2019-20 Students   Link   38
Teachers   Link   39
Employers   Link   40
Alumni   Link   41
Parents   Link   42
Structured Feedback Action Taken Report (ATR)
2015-16     Link   43
2016-17     Link   43
2017-18     Link   45
2018-19     Link   46
2019-20     Link   47
Academic and Administrative Audit Report (AAA)
2015-16     Link   48
2016-17     Link   49
2017-18     Link   50
2018-19     Link   51
2019-20     Link   52
Measures taken to promote Gender Equity Link 53
Gender Sensitization Link 54
Institutional Distinctiveness Link 55
Maintenance of Academic Infrastructure Link 56
Program Outcomes (POs) & Course Outcomes(COs) Link 57
Best Practices of CPUH Link 58

Contact Detail
Dr. Lekh Raj
Associate Director
IQAC, Career Point University Hamirpur

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