In line with our commitment to provide a truly conducive environment for learning, Career Point offers a wide range special care, welfare and support services to make the college life of students not only a worthwhile academic learning experience but also one that is socially enriching for students. Students will be able to adapt and acclimatise quickly and effectively to the new environment. At all the Career Point Campuses, specialised student services units are established to focus on the following areas :

Student Support

All students at CAREER POINT would be given a "academic plan" throughout the semester and their progress would be monitored accordingly. Students who encounter difficulty in coping with their studies are also placed under special care of the mentors who provide extra tutorial and academic counselling sessions.


Utmost importance is given to the placement related activities to ensure that all successful students receive suitable placements. We conduct mock interviews and provide soft skills training before the formal placements. Once our students get prepared we would conduct formal placement programmes where companies visit campus and recruit students.

Counselling & Caring Guidance Service

CAREER POINT offers individual counselling services to students who require personal advice and guidance in the areas of emotional health, stress, studies, time management, relationships and more.

Campus Environment

The CAREER POINT Higher Education Institutions is ideal & conducive for learning. Facilities at campuses are very comfortable & easily accessible place for students to concentrate on their studies

The Campus

All CAREER POINT campuses are situated in a serene, pollution free and in less populated area. There are excellent accesses by bus and rail services which are direct and frequent. The CAREER POINT Higher Education Institutions building offers appropriate sized and well-equipped classrooms, together with a common room and light refreshment facilities.

Teaching Rooms & Laboratories

At all the CAREER POINT campuses we have state of the art facilities.

  • Computer laboratories having more than 200 up to date computers with TFTs, networking, multimedia facilities and high speed internet.
  • Teaching rooms to deliver lectures with OHP facilities.
  • Library with study and reference guide.

Guest Speaker Program, on

"Witting Winning Proposals for business and Research Plans"

Guest Speaker- Dr S K Sikka,
Director-cum Adviser Agri-System
Afghan Expo Center New Delhi
will deliver on "Witting Winning Proposals for business and Research Plans" on 12-02-2016 at 2:00 PM in the MP Hall of The University.